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Contact Info
Assignments, Lesson Plans & Grade 3 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488
Baehr, Gayle Grade 3 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x279
Barth, Tammy 7152292151 ext.1291
Batchelor, Lance Activities Elementary Principal (715) 229-4488 x262
Beck, Susan Office Secretary 715-229-2151 x 223
Bednar, Bruce
Boening, Don Custodial Director 715-229-2151 x301
Boie, Jill Phy-ed/Health High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x259
Bredlau, Debbie Office Secretary 715-229-2151 x221
Busse, Tara
Carpenter, Shelly
Cihlar, Matt
Devine, Jessica Office Secretary
Devine, Peter
Dmytro, Barry 715-229-2151 ex 1230
Eichstadt, Chad English High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x232
Engel, Travis Tech Ed High School Faculty (715)229-2151 x251
Feind, Zachary Title 1 715-229-2151
Finkelson, Barb Media Specialist High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x307
Fitzl, Ann Grade 6 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x297
Gebauer, Katie
Goerlitz, Al At-Risk High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x268
Goerlitz, Albert 4K
Goerlitz, Aleyna
Goerlitz, Peggy Early Childhood/4K Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x270
Grimes, Laurie Elementary IMC Aide 715-229-4488 x293
Gruetzmacher, Ben Phy-ed/Health Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 ext 292
Gutsch, Ryan Instrumental Music High School Faculty
Hatlestad, Jona
Hatlestad, Kathryn Grade 1 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x174
Hatlestad, Kelly Office Secretary 715-229-4488 x261
Houts, Bob Activities 715-229-2151 x225
Jaskot, Marilyn Math/Physics High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x231
Kadolph, Hailey Sixth Grade 715-229-4488
Kaduce, Jodi Elementary Educational Assistant 715-229-4488 x261
Kalepp, Susan Food Service Cook 715-229-2151
Klapatauskas, Erin Science High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x230
Kodl, Julie Business Ed High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x237
Koehler Bauer, Mrs. Laura LD/CD High School Faculty
Koller, Sara Math 715-229-2151
Korn, Lisa Guidance Elementary Guidance 715-229-4488 x267
Kuyoth, Jacquelynn English
Lambright, Joe Custodial Custodian 715-229-2151
LaSee, Emily Grade 4 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x281
LaVick, Anne Art 715-229-2151 x240
Lawcewicz, Kathleen
Lenz, Heidi 4K Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x285
Lewison, Brian Social Studies High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x249
Mann, Eric Grade 4 Elementary Faculty
Marg, Sheila
Martine, Sally Math/At Risk High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x243
Meyer, Mary Science High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x241
Monaghan-Wittenberg, Margery
Mueller, Morgan Guidance High School Guidance 715-229-2151 x226
Nelson, Susan
Niemi, Mary Grade 2 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x277
Nordgren, Matthew Fifth Grade High School Faculty
Olson, Monique
Ovyn, Darren
Pankratz, Mike Grade 5 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x284
Parker, Scott
Plautz, Julie Kindergarten Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x272
Poetzl, Denice Kindergarten Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488
Popp, Brian
Rahn, Jodi Grade 5 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x299
Rasmussen, Stacy Office Business Manager 715-229-2151 x255
Rondorf, Randi
rSchooltoday, Charlotte
Ruggles, Rob Custodial Custodian 715-229-2151 x301
Scheuer, Jeffer Spanish High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x239
Schwab, Cindy Special Education Elementary Faculty
Schwab, Raeann
Serocki, Barby LD/CD 715-229-2151
Shilts, Steve
Slowiak, Jennifer Grade 4 715-229-2151
Smith, Debra English High School Faculty 715-229-2151 x242
Sova, Justine
Stratton, Belinda Food Service Director
Swartz, Denise Vocal Music Elementary Faculty 715-229-2151 ext 291
Thorson, Sara Office Secretary 715-229-2151 x305
Tolzmann, Nancy Food Service Cook 715-229-2151 x257
Turnquist, Joan Speech/Language Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x290
VanArk, Julie Activities 715-229-2151 x246
Weber, Brett Custodial Custodian 715-229-2151 x301
Weiler, Russell Grade 4 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x278
Westaby, Lisa Grade 1 Elementary Faculty
Wiese, Sean Custodial Custodian 715-229-2151 x301
Wilson, Alicia Grade 3 Elementary Faculty 715-229-4488 x282
Witek, Donna Elementary Aide 715-229-4488 x261
Wolff, Jordan