Mr. Bruce Bednar

Physics / Math Teacher

  Wow, 25 years of teaching here at Owen-Withee.  It's gone fast and my mind is filled with great memories of past students and coworkers.  This really is a great place to work. 
  I'm a Minnesota transplant from Albert Lea who has resisted the temptation of Packer gold for Viking lint since I started school at UW-Eau Claire in 1987.  I live in Thorp with various animals and I am the proud father of two amazing teens.

My Block Schedule and times are as follows:
        ODD DAYS                          EVEN DAYS                TIMES
Block 1:  Geometry          Block 2: Math 7                   8:10-9:42
Block 3:  Pre-Algebra      Block 4: Geometry              9:45-11:17
                       HOMEROOM / LUNCH                            11:20-12:05                       
Block 5:  Hawktime (7)     Block 6: Math 7                   12:08-1:40
Block 7: Physics               Block 8: PREP                     1:43-3:15

Contact Information:
Phone:  (715) 229-2151 ext. 1250


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