Parent/Guardian Forms for O-W Jr./Sr. High School

Owen-Withee Jr./Sr. High School asks that parents/guardians help us by completing and submitting the appropriate forms when required in a timely fashion. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Transportation Release Form
The Owen-Withee School District provides funding for many co-curricular opportunities. Part of that funding is to provide transportation to and from events. Because of liability issues, a parent or guardian must submit a signed Transportation Release Form at least 24 hours PRIOR to an event. This form can be signed by either the Principal or the Athletic Director. In matters of wanting to transport a student TO an event, the parent or guardian MUST communicate directly to the Principal or Athletic Director.

Community Volunteer Form/Application
Owen-Withee Jr./Sr. High is always looking for ways to connect our community members to our students and staff. This form allows us to build those connections. Let us know what gifts or talents you have that you would be willing to share with our staff and students as we look to create an environment of collaboration.

Parent Handbook
In an effort to keep parents in the "loop", we have provided an online parent handbook which mirrors that which our grades 7-12 students receive each year. Within the pages of this parent handbook, you will find the rules and procedures by which we operate.

YEARLY Snowmobile Registration Form Required
It is important that your student register his or her snowmobile on a yearly basis in order to ride/drive it to school. We have a very distinct policy regarding the driving of sleds to school, where they should be parked, and where they may be driven. Students who fail to follow this policy will lose this privilege. Please complete the Snowmobile Registration form PRIOR to allowing your student to drive a sled to school.

School District of Owen-Withee Harrassment Complaint Form

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