Hello,   Welcome back!!  There are many changes this year and me moving to MS is one.   I am excited for the change and seeing all my new/old students.  The staff is wonderful in the MS/HS and very resourceful.   I am also working with a new HS teacher who has been very helpful also, we are learning together.  
This year we are having only 4 blocks per day and homeroom.   This makes for a very busy day but is working out nicely.  The students are very accommodating to this and gives us more time to work on homework or skills.  If anyone has any questions or needs to get ahold of me, please call or email me.    rrondorf@owk12
715-229-5121  ext.  1288

AR/STAR: https://hosted361.renlearn.com/708943/

Contact: Randi Rondorf