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Hello and welcome back OW Choir members both old and new. I am beyond excited to begin a new year with the OW Choir-even with its new “normal!”  This year we will look different, as I am sure you anticipated.  Students are required to wear masks before they enter the choir room and keep them on during the entire class period.  I will be closely following the WMEA, WSMA, and ACDA research and guidelines on the performing arts (aerosol study).  While wearing masks, we will hum in the classroom, sing (in small groups) in the classroom, as well as outside, and stay socially distanced at all times.  There will not be any in-person concerts this year-at least for the first semester and perhaps longer.  However, we will still learn concert repertoire and perhaps record some of our selections-either in small groups, or for recording purposes.  For this year, the JH and HS portions of the choir are split into 2 different days. We may still have to split the HS portion of the choir during their 90 min. If numbers are too large.

Besides some small group singing, students will be enhancing their musical, creative, and expressive qualities of their singing this year.  Students in choir will learn some of the fundamentals of singing and music theory through daily activities and practice basic note-reading and rhythm-reading patterns.  A program called Sight-Reading Factory has been purchased for each choir member to be downloaded on their Chromebook/Computer. Daily exercises will be assigned through my Google Classroom choir page.  This, along with your daily points will become the largest portion of your grade for the first semester.

I have created a (separate) Google Classroom for both the JH Choir and the SH Choir.  An email with a link to join has already been sent to you.  Please make sure you are able to get on.  ALL assignments, announcements, etc. will be posted in either classroom throughout the year.  This way, if we are to go virtual again, everything will be right there.  I am hoping to link your Sight-Reading Factory assignments to your Google Classroom as well.  

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE OW CHOIR, Please visit your childs' Google Classroom for Choir.  There will find our Virtual Plan - if the need arises to become virtual again, and the class grading scale.  Further questions can be directed to me by contacting the school and my extension.

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**The OW Concert Choir is a proud member of the WSMA and proud to be a WSMA Accredited School!**


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