Hello and welcome to the 6th Grade General Music page!  Here, you will be able to find information of what we are doing during this semester. 

6th Grade General Music is a Semester course that meets for 45 minutes on even block days.  Students in 6th Grade General Music will develop music literacy and appreciation through performance, listening, and analysis of different genres of music.  During each class, students will have the opportunity to explore music concepts and repertoire in several ways. This is project-based class that usually accomodates working in small groups, however, because of COVID-19, work will be done independently.  All work will be found in Google Classroom - created especially for the 6th Grade.  

Our curriculum for the semester may include but not be limited to:
Listening examples of a variety of composers, creating a Soundtrack of important life events in our lives, learning about the different music genre's. Creating a report/project/presentation on a favorite musical artist (of any genre); study of musical theatre, and the history of Jazz music. 

Further information about this class can be found on the Syllabus on Google Classroom.  


Contact Info:
Tammy Barth

(715)229-2151 ext. 1291

Contact: Tammy Barth