Building Referendum 2020
Check here for information regarding the referendum the District is asking for on November 3rd.

The Owen-Withee School District is asking to build a cafeteria/kitchen and community multi-purpose facility as well as add on to our existing Ag/Tech area.  The process to come up with this project has taken about nine months, starting back in December of 2019.  The existing kitchen is aging and equipment needs replacing.  Built in 1964 when for just Junior and Senior High students, the addition of the elementary school and the increase in meals due to the addition of breakfast has made the current facility obsolete.  During our closure due to COVID-19, our staff served over 75,000 meals to ALL kids in the District from mid-March through June 30.  The growth of our Ag/Tech program is requiring that we add space for our welding and metals shop.  Also, we lost a valuable part of our program a few years ago due to the lack of a fire-code approved spray both.  This would also be added in this project.