Units covered this year
Short a, e, i, o, and u ✔️
Long a, e, i, o, and u ✔️
ie, ei ✔️
r-controlled vowels ✔️
Schwa ✔️
Suffixes: ward, ly ✔️
f,ff, ph ✔️
Consonant Sounds ✔️
Suffixes: ed, ing ✔️
Silent and Double Consonants ✔️
Suffixes: able, ible ✔️
Prefixes: ir, anti, il, non, and mis ✔️
Suffixes: age, ment, ful, less, and some ✔️
Compound Words
Suffixes: ate, ary, ous, ion, tion, ation
Prefixes: under, sub, super, inter, intra, and mid
Words Writers Use
Suffixes: eer, ian, ant, ent, ance, and ence
Greek Roots
Abbreviations and Acronyms