Hi! My name is Mrs. Busse and I am teaching your 3rd graders this year. This is my first year teaching third grade at OWES but my second year of full time teaching and second experience in third grade. I love that third grade is such a big change for kids. It is the point when they are no longer little kids but are still innocent in their lives. This is the year they gain more independence and responsibilities in their school work and lives. 

I have background in writing, language arts and social studies and could spend hours teaching kids about nouns, pronouns, verbs and more! One of my major goals is to create young writers in my room.

I grew up just around the corner in Abbotsford and my cousins attend school here in Owen-Withee. My family still lives in this area; my parents, brother and sister live in Abbotfsord and my other brother just down the road in Curtiss. Abbotsford is where I met my husband. We now live in Greenwood with our kitties. 
This past summer I took a trip I've always dreamed of. I went with my husband and his family on a road trip to Washington D.C. to visit the national mall and go to a comic con then up to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for some sight seeing. 

My classroom has it's own website where parents can view classroom work, student highlights, and classroom activities. If you'd like to view this you can follow this link to the website https://mrsbussegrade3.weebly.com/ 

Contact: Mrs. Busse