I teach modified math classes individualized for each student. After math concepts and basic math facts are mastered, more complicated math is introduced. At this point, general education curriculum can be introduced per each students' IEP aligning to the Wisconsin State Core Common Standards.

Many students who are taught math in my classroom have the opportunity to participate in our Lounge Baskets and Goodies Corporation programs. Lounge Baskets are baskets of goodies provided to the staff available for them to purchase. Our math students often participate in balancing the Lounge Basket budget, counting and recording money with hands-on experience, taking inventory, and making purchasing decisions. Through doing these things, students gain the life skills and money management skills necessary for post-secondary living. 

Goodies Corporation is another program run by the Jr./Sr. High School special education program. The founders of Goodies Corp. work to provide peers with healthy snacks at a fair price. This opportunity enhances students' daily living skills as well as provides vocational skills necessary for post-secondary employment.

Contact: Mrs. Serocki