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Return To School Plan

Ms. Rahn's 5th gr. Language Arts/Reading : Assignments
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Lesson Plans/Assignments

Monday, May 18, 2020
Lesson Plan:
Reading: Climbing Mount Whitney-This is a rough draft so there will be some errors, don't be surprised.  If there are places you see to fix punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc., feel free to try to fix it.  Don't worry if you don't find them, just try!  Read the questions and finish them after the story. 

Context clues- read through the introduction to review the context clues and how you can use them in your reading to understand the language. Use the words around the unknown word to give you clues to what it could mean, then take your best guess. Do the bottom of page 32 and then use that practice to complete page 33. 
Climbing Mount Whitney pages 29-31
Context Clues-pages 32-33

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Lesson Plan:
Unfamiliar Words-This article will help you practice using context clues in your reading about an animal shelter on page 34.  On page 35 read through the context of the sentence and take a guess on what you think the word means.  In the last column, 'clues' write what other words from the sentence helped you figure it out.  You don't have to do the TALK part at the bottom. 

Here, Pyggy Pyggy-Read through the article on page 36 and underline areas where you find words or phrases you don't know or don't understand.  Read over surrounding words and try to figure out what they mean.  On page 37, find the words and phrases in the first column of the chart in the paragraphs of the article.  Write the sentence in the 'CONTEXT' chart.  Take a guess on what it means and then what clues you used in the sentence to figure it out.  You don't need to do the bottom TALK or WRITE unless you wish. 
Page 35, page 37

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Lesson Plan:
We'll be around to pick up work today!  Keep the next 2 things to do this day or in the future.  Remember, you're reading every day...EVERY SINGLE Day, from now until you see us again.  

Mad minute-keep fresh on your multiplication and division skills.  Read through and orally (out loud) answer the problems.  Do this more than one day.  Once a week would help a lot to help you keep your facts up. 

Coordinate Grid: Read through the informational sheet and answer the questions on the right hand side of the sheet. 
practice math facts and read every day

Thursday, May 21, 2020
Lesson Plan:
You have until May 22 to get any outstanding work done and returned to school.