Overview of Physical Education 8
Jumping fun at Marieka's during prom 2017
This class is an alternating day meeting class (M-W-F or T-Th-F) that runs throughout the year. One of the main objectives is to be ACTIVE and move. We will do this through games, large and small group activities, individual workouts and teacher-lead instruction. Developing personal skills in various areas is also a goal throughout this year. Students will be exposed to multiple coordination activities and given strategies to help improve upon existing strengths. We will be outside on the fields as well as in the gym and on the rock wall. Students are required to dress in appropriate clothing (shorts or sweats, t-shirt) and tennis shoes (no bare feet,flip flops or cowboy boots). Time is given for proper hygiene attention, and all are encouraged to shower and use deodorant each class as part of working on healthy physical lifetime habits. Teamwork and good sportsmanship practices will be focus areas as well.