Engineering Design offers students experience developing projects and blueprints via computer design software and can create a working prototype as part of the design solution. CNC technologies are explored and students have chance to create projects with our modern technologies.

Students also solve problems by applying a design development process. Often applying engineering research principles, students develop, analyze, and test product solutions models as well as communicate the features of those models.

Engineering Design Syllabus

Ag-Tech Code of Conduct

Don't Drop That Egg!

DDTE Wrap Questions

Solar Panel Power Lab

3-View Block #1

3-View Block #2

CB Block #3

Black Box Block #4

Step Block #5

Hole Block #6

Grader Block #7

Test Block #8

NTC Shed Project

NTC House Project - Hand Drawn Sketch

NTC House Project

CVTC Exercise 1

CVTC Exercise 2

CVTC Exercise 3

CVTC Exercise 4

CVTC Exercise 5

CVTC Exercise 6

CVTC Exercise 7

CVTC Exercise 8

CVTC Exercise 9

CVTC Exercise 10

Save Rapunzel!

Water Boiler Project

Water Boiler Calculator & Questions