This course is part of the 8th grade Exploratory Block and completes the survey of topics within Ag Ed and Tech Ed, as an extension to skills developed in Ag-Tech 7 and an introduction to new projects and future possibilities. The course provides students an opportunity to identify an area for continued study as high school students or to determine that their interest lies elsewhere.

This course is often module based, meaning students work on projects independently under the supervision of the instructor and the mentorship of upperclassmen. Topics and projects not completed in Ag-Tech 7 are the main focus of Ag-Tech 8. Projects can include basic metalworking, animal science, water/soil science, natural resources, graphic communications, video editing, robotics, leadership, and other projects as time permits.
All Ag Ed courses enroll students into FFA membership, and this is one of them! We take a deeper look at the operations and opportunities of the National FFA Organization. We prepare for a successful FFA career, focusing on developing experience projects, competing in challenges, and developing FFA leadership activities.