Reading Rocks!
Throughout our reading curriculum we focus on teaching skills and strategies that will hopefully not only foster better reading by students, but also a love of books. The authors we use vary from year to year, but strategies and skill work at various levels remain the same. We emphasize comprehension through the use of connections, questions, summaries, predictions, inferences, and total synthesis of material. Vocabulary development and fluency practice along with identification of genres and story structure continue throughout the year.

The reading class alternates from individual reading assignments and group work based on short text and/or novels. Some of the authors used in 5th grade include Roald Dahl, Jerry Spinelli, Andrew Clements, Madeleine L'Engle, George Elizabeth Speare, and Margaret Peterson Haddix. We spent time reading contemporary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction short text. I also choose from a variety of genres to use as read alouds with the class.

The classroom library is available for students to use throughout the year. We have a collection of various magazines and novels that students can check out and use for their D.E.A.R. time reading. We also have a student and teacher computer available for students to use for taking Accelerated Reader tests. The A.R. parties are held twice a year and students must reach a goal of 20 points each semester in order to attend.

If there are any book suggestions you'd like to give to our class, please email me! I'm always looking for new intriguing books to bring into our classroom.