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Return To School Plan

Math Magic
This will be a challenging year as we have adopted an entirely new math program in the elementary. We will be using the EveryDay Math program which bases the curriculum in a spiral format which continually brings concepts back to students for practice and mastery. It reinforces more problem solving also which we are hoping will even better prepare our students for their classes, and life, in the future.

We start our math year with the topic of place value of whole numbers and decimals before we move into computation with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using place values from ten thousandths to billions. We then continue with fractions, geometry, graphing, and probability. It is crucial that students master their multiplication and division facts as they will impact their math mastery throughout the entire year! Flashcards and practice materials can be borrowed for extra practice, or students can check out the following sites: (Students have log-ins and passwords in their planners.)