Exploring Science!
I must admit, I love 5th grade science! It is a year when students will be challenged to learn a lot of in depth and high level information about plants and matter, but also a year when they get to learn a lot through their own investigation. The first semester of science is taught by myself and we cover both units by mixing textbook information with hands-on investigations. 

During the study of plants, we focus on learning some of the different members of the plant kingdom, the internal parts of plants, processes of respiration and photosynthesis, and uses of plants by humans. Students will have the opportunity to gather, dissect, use microscopes, and explore during this unit.

As we study matter, we are introduced to the use of test tubes, pipettes, graduated cylinders, beakers, and scales. All of these materials are used as we study information from the most basic parts of all matter to how the chemical combinations of atoms create substances we use every day. It is a challenging unit but one that allows for so much hands-on learning and teacher demonstration that it is a favorite every year.

Check out the sites below for some entertainment and additional science fun!