The Owen-Withee Jazz Ensemble is an extra-curricular music opportunity available to any interested students  Students may learn and/or play a traditional jazz ensemble instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, drum kit, or piano), or their standard concert band instrument.  Many students who play other instruments choose to learn a jazz ensemble instrument as a secondary instrument just for jazz ensemble.

A jazz ensemble plays a varied repertoire of jazz and swing styles from big band through modern styles such as fusion and latin rock.  In addition to learning these styles, the jazz ensemble focuses on developing improvsational abilities.  Since improv is a key aspect of every jazz style, we encourage all jazz ensemble students to improvise.  While they may not display their abilities in performance, every member will have a chance to improvise in rehearsal. 

The jazz ensemble rehearses outside of the school day and performs at concerts, solo & ensemble festival, and occasionally for other events.