Recovery Intervention Program

The RIP program gives each student an opportunity to work on a course that is specifically designed for them. Their course work can be alligned with either the school's curriculm or the Wisconsin State Standards. Once the course work is established, the students spend one or more class periods per day in the RIP classroom to work on their individual subject matter. Their lessons are computer based on a program named "Odyesseyware". Students may also work on any computer that has access to the internet by logging in to

The School District of Owen-Withee has purchased seven site licenses that our students can access 24 hours a day. There are several class periods during the school day where all seven licenses are being used, so other than those hours, students can be working on "homework" where ever they can access the internet.

If a student finishes their Odyesseyware course work before the end of the quarter or semester, they are done with that class and can then spend their time on other classes. The more effort a student puts into a class the sooner they can finish it.

Contact: Erin Klapatauskas