How parents promote communication development

*Enjoy books together, read together and talk about what your have read. Share favorite pages. When your child is comfortable with the story line, have him or her tell the story, their version, not necessarily the words on the page!
*Spend time listening to your child talk to you. Allow time for them to talk to you uninterrupted. Take turns talking together. This reduces communication stress and gives your child the message that what he/she is talking about is important.
*Talk and play together with family chores such as cooking, laundry sorting, cleaning up an area.  Play together with blocks, dolls, puzzles, cars and trucks creating stories about your play.
*Talk about words, funny ways words sound as we say them. As you shop, name foods and locations in the grocery store. As you take a walk or drive, talk about what you see, nature and buildings as you pass by. If you feel like you are spending a lot of time talking with your child remember that you are encouraging brain and language development by teaching them more words and knowing more words leads to better communication and verbal language skills over time.
*When your child experiences difficulties in an area of communication talk about it: say, "I notice it's hard for you to say...." we can practice that together so it will not be so hard" or "lets explore what is happening so it's not so hard for you".
Talk to me if you want more suggestions for specific areas of communication that are concerning you.

Contact: Mrs. Joan Turnquist