O-W HSSC Constitution
Student Association Constitution

Preamble: We, the students of Owen-Withee High School, in order to create better relations between the faculty, administration, and the student body; to maintain a high standard of personal conduct and sportsmanship; to coordinate and regulate student activities; to promote and encourage activities for the best interests of the school, do establish this constitution for the Student Council of Owen-Withee High School.

Article I – Name and Purpose

Section I: The purpose and powers of the OWHS Student Council are:
1. to represent the students of Owen-Withee High School
2. to assist in the formation of school policies
3. to assist in the regulation of student activities
4. to serve as a sounding board for student opinion
5. to set good examples of leadership

Article II – Membership

Section I: Membership is open to all 9 – 12 grade students of Owen-Withee High School. Students must take out a petition and have at least fifteen (15) students and three (3) faculty members sign it for membership. Those students petitioning to join Student Council must express in writing why they feel they should be on Student Council. A membership drive will be held each spring.

Section II: All class presidents are members of Student Council for the year they hold that office. If they desire to stay on, they may file a petition to remain a member.

Section III: It shall be necessary for all members to be full time students at OWHS.

Section IV: Students involved in disciplinary action may be removed from membership by majority vote of the Council or written request to the advisor(s).

Section V: Attendance and participation
1. Excessive unexcused tardiness or absence from meeting will constitute ground for dismissal from the Council subject to a two-thirds majority vote or advisor consensus.
2. A member can be excused from attendance by the President or the advisors of the Council.
3. Non-participation in the work of the group, failure to fulfill duties, or continual disruption will constitute grounds for dismissal from the Council subject to a two-thirds majority vote or advisor consensus.

Section VI: Various committees will be formed throughout the year to deal with any special events or other necessities that come before the Council.

Section VII: The Student Council advisors will evaluate the officers and members of the Council at various times throughout the year to evaluate grounds for dismissal.

Article III – Election of Officers

Section I: The officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Reporter.

Section II: Candidates for office are to submit a petition prior to election date and complete a numbered application that will be reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty members and students who will narrow the application down to a small number that can be voted on by the Council. The numbered application will be given to members for them to review prior to the actual voting as so the best candidate will win office.

Section III: The term of office shall be two semesters.

Section IV: The president of Student Council must not be the president of any other school organization or their class in an effort to allow their full attention to be given to Student Council.

Section V: The officers must meet he following qualifications:
1. President – must be a member of the senior or junior class and must have previously served a year on the Council.
2. Vice President – may be from any class
3. Secretary – may be from any class
4. Reporter – may be from any class

Article IV – Duties of Officers

Section I: President – to preside over all meetings, to call a special meeting with the consent of the advisors when needed, to preside over school assemblies when requested, and to provide leadership and structure to the Council by designating responsibilities when needed in an orderly manner.

Section II: Vice President – to perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. When so acting, he or she shall have all powers and be subject to all restriction upon the President. Also, to perform duties the President so designates.

Section III: Secretary – To take minutes of all meetings and record for public information, to read minutes at each full meeting, and to aid in setting the meeting agenda.

Section IV: Reporter – to write articles for newsletters and newspapers, to send announcements to the local radio station, and to organize Student Council records in the file.

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