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Return To School Plan

Click the link below to see the Elementary/Middle School Back-to-School Supplies list for 2020-21

Back-to-School Supplies List

The Board of Education for the School District of Owen-Withee

Seated - Clerk - Angela Greschner, President - Julie Wendler, Member - Kim Amacher, Standing - Treasurer - Paul Heggemeier, Member - Charlie Milliren, Vice President - Rick Eloranta, Member - Dean Schmlezer
Vision Statement

Members of the School District of Owen-Withee will work with our students with care and understanding, leading and challenging them in knowledge and character, so that they will develop into responsible citizens with intellect and integrity.

Mission Statement

We create this vision by teaching to the strengths of our students, embracing technology, encouraging meaningful community engagement and creating a welcoming, safe environment, which allows parents, students and staff to work toward a common goal

President - Julie Wendler
Vice President - Rick Eloranta
Clerk - Angela Greschner
Treasurer - Paul Heggemeier
Member - Charlie Milliren
Member - Dean Schmelzer
Member - Kim Amacher

The Board of Education is continually involved in the strategic planning process and community engagement to improve what we do and improve communication with our community members.

Our regular meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month. Agendas for all meetings are posted at the elementary and high school main entrances and at the Post Offices in both Owen and Withee, as well as published in The O-W Enterprise, our local newspaper,.