Mrs. Denice Poetzl

Happy December!

We are very busy in 3rd Grade!  

We have been busy reading, writing, doing math, and alternating between social studies and science topics.  The new December Reading calendar is out so please remember to write how many minutes your child reads and sign it.  You will also be getting information on Acts of Kindness for December as well as a family homework project.  The kids really want to do a family project to put in our hallway.  Don't worry!  It will be fun.  Just like the "Me poster" at the beginning of the year, your whole family is encouraged to help with this poster.  It's the same with the Kindness Calendar.  The whole family is encouraged to take part in the fun!  These activities are designed to be fun, bring the family together, and help make a positive impact on people.  In our classroom we "Choose Kind" whenever we can.  What a great opportunity we have to do this!

Please continue to help your child practice math facts.  We have been working on multiplication facts.  Please help your child with all of math facts.  We continue to work on the states and capitals also.  A few minutes every day will make a huge difference.  Review these things in the car or waiting in the check out line or in the bleachers before the big game starts.  It may not seem like much but it WILL help!

Want to do something different?  How about something that can help encourage your child to read?  I challenge you and your family to do a DEAR event.  WHAT?!?  It isn't that scary!  DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read.  How often do your children see you read?  Do you talk about your reading habits with your family?  When children see parents read, it tends to add value to reading.  Start small and do a 20 minute read as a family.  You could read a book, newspaper, magazine, or whatever.  Everyone can read individually or you can share a book as a family.  Take turns reading so your child is practicing reading.  Then, discuss what was read.  Think about the common who, what, where, when, why how, and I wonder questions (ask your child about this).   I have done this a few times at school also.  I have found that most of the reading I do is for school purposes and I haven't been reading anything just for the fun of it lately.  I just bought a new book and decided this is a great time to read with the kids.  I think they need to see me read something also.  Start small and build on it from there.  It doesn't have to be done daily, but wouldn't that be a wonderful habit to start!  Give it a chance!

 If you would like to send a snack at any time during the year, please feel free.  Kids always appreciate and enjoy a surprise snack every once in a while.  I am not aware of any food allergies right now, but I will let you know if that changes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  We are continuing our FABULOUS year!!!

Mrs. Poetzl   smiley

Mrs. Poetzl's Kindergarten